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Mirra Chair – A Stylish Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

  Mirra chair is an ergonomic mesh office chair from the manufacturer of Aeron chair (Herman Miller). This is a task chair that can fit you perfectly however you sit on the chair. Mirra chair is a beautifully designed office chair that comes in affordable price tag. It also won many award because it is

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Getting Know the Aeron Chair

  Aeron is a Herman Miller product that was designed in 1994. The designers are Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf. Although Aeron chair was firstly introduced years before, this chair is still regarded as one of the best ergonomic mesh office chair ever. This Aeron chair is the icon of office chair. It offers all

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Herman Miller Chair – Setu Chair

  Herman Miller chair is very famous and easy to find in many office chair stores. This brand of office chair is among the top ergonomic mesh office chairs that we can find today. Its ergonomically designed office chairs are very likely to be found in many offices. The Herman miller chairs are also featured

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