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Getting Know the Aeron Chair


Aeron is a Herman Miller product that was designed in 1994. The designers are Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf. Although Aeron chair was firstly introduced years before, this chair is still regarded as one of the best ergonomic mesh office chair ever. This Aeron chair is the icon of office chair. It offers all the things needed for people who work in the office for long hours of work time. The ergonomic design fits everything needed by the people who sit for long hours of work.

Pellicle is the special fabric that makes Aeron chair becomes so popular. It is a special fabric that allows air distribution and it can hold user weight. Its semitransparent design is allows good distribution of air so it can cool your back while it also distribute your weight to the whole surface of the chair’s back. You will feel comfort although you sit for hours because it can help to bring you better spine alignment and it can easily follow your every movement. Therefore, if you are looking for ergonomic mesh office chair, Aeron is a perfect model for you.

You can find so many imitations of Aeron chair but it is impossible to find the one that can provide you with the best comfort end ergonomic design like the original Aeron chair. Many people are using the original Aeron chairs because they know that they can never find the similar product as good as the original Aeron.

Like many other ergonomic mesh office chairs that we have discussed in this site, Aeron also offers good tilt mechanism. Aeron has the patented Kinemat mechanism that can bring you the ultimate comfort for long hours of sitting. You can move your joints easily so you will stay comfort. We know that it is impossible to stay in the same position for long hours. That is why such mechanism is very useful in ergonomic mesh office chairs.

Furthermore, Aeron also has 3 models that can be used by range of body sizes. You don’t need to worry about the size of the chair because you can choose which Aeron chair that suits your body size so you will feel the comfort of sitting on an ergonomic mesh office chair.
 Getting Know the Aeron Chair Getting Know the Aeron Chair

Moreover, Aeron is a product that is 94 percent recyclable. If you are environmentally conscious, you better choose this one because you can help you maintain a better world. Aeron is also backed up with 12 year warranty from the manufacturer. Getting a 12 year warranty is very incredible because you don’t have to worry if there is any unexpected problem with the chair. You can reduce the need of regularly changing your ergonomic mesh office chair because this product can be used longer than the other office chair.

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